Mech Design

Mech Skill List

Might: Physical strength of mech
Armour: the mech’s toughness, every point of armour increases one stress track by two
Awareness: the quality of the mechs sensor system
Agility: a mechs speed and manoeuvrability, used for avoiding attack
Guns: Targeting and precision aiming
Melee: Competence for close quarter fighting
Brawl: Sophisticated programming and articulation to punch with manipulators
Computation: The logistical capacity and quality of the operating system
Stealth: Reduction to sensor presence and additional damping and camouflage systems
Communications: Additional range and functionality to standard communication packages
Flight: the ability to manoeuvre and stabilise during ‘flight’

Mech Layout

Cockpit []

Torso [][][][]
[Large Utility]

Left Arm [][]
[Large Utility]

Right Arm [][]
[Large Utility]

Legs [][][]

Chassis points can purchase components (FATE Gadgets) or chassis slots.
Skill Points buy the mech skills and armour.
Each Mech Area has a stress track, when a mech would take a consequence a filled component slot is disabled.
Every time you buy armour you may assign +2 stress to ONE track

A d20 is divided between the mech hit locations, none may have a range less than 2. This will determine hit locations in a successful non-called shot. When all items within a location are disabled that location is ‘Destroyed’ and any further hits to this location are applied to the Torso (which as soon as it is Destroyed will make the Mech non-functional).

A standard, basic Mech has 2 aspects related to its construction or design. Higher level Mechs will posses more aspects.

Civilian/Public tier Mech: requires Mech pilot 1. 2 aspects. 16 SP || 6CP
Mass Fab Military Mech: requires Mech pilot 2. 3 aspects. 20 SP || 8CP
Designer/High tech Mech: requires Mech pilot 3. 4 aspects. 24 SP || 10CP

Fast (150% standard movement rounded down)
Rugged (+1 Armour)
Steady (Immune to unstable terrain and tripping manoeuvres)
Juggernaut (Cannot be blocked by objects with equal or lesser scale)
1pt AoE Small
2pts AoE Medium
3pts AoE Large
1pt +2 Damage
1pt +1 Skill Bonus

Energy shield (adds an additional hit location with 2 point of armour which is automatically hit instead of other parts and has no bleed over damage)

Standard Sensors

( EMP Immune ) ( Disable Immune )

Sensor Package
( +1 Mech Awareness ) ( +1 Sense (Sonar, Radar, Surround View, etc.) )

Standard Power

Nuclear Generator
( EMP Shielded ) ( Indefinite Power )

Enriched Petrochemical Generator
( EMP Shielded ) ( Safe Disable )

Power Pack
( EMP Shielded ) ( Safe Disable )

Standard Arms

( Heavy Manipulation ) ( Rugged )

Fine Manipulator
( Fine Manipulation ) ( Additional Utility Slot )

Standard Movement

Bipedal Legs
( Additional Utility Slot ) ( Jump )

Quadrupedal Legs
( Fast ) ( Steady )

( Steady ) ( Juggernaut )

A square is 3ft^2
A standard mech movement is 8 squares (24ft)
Only one buffing component may be used per skill

Mech Design

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