Jackal Recon Retro-fit "Good Boy"

The obsolete Military grade Jackal scout pattern mech, refitted for civilian mapping and prospecting work.


Skills: 16 SP

Stealth || Awareness
Armour || Guns
flight || Communications

Aspects: 2

Recon Mech
Seen worse

Chassis: 6 CP

[Sensor] Window
[Utility] Recon Suite: Density ping (lydar ping to detect ore rich areas), Permeates rock

Torso: 13-18
[Large Utility] Sensor Package: Radar, Radiation scan, Sonar Mapping
[Power] Nuclear: EMP shielded, indefinite power.

Left Arm: 10-12
[Utility] Ping Marker: Applies temporary aspect ‘Marked’ on successful guns hit
[Large Utility] Laser Bore: 1 stress, +1 stress for each additional round beam is maintained and mech is stationary

Right Arm:
7-9 [][]
[Large Utility] Fine Manipulator: Fine manipulation, soil samplers

Legs: 1-6
[Movement] Bipedal: Jump, Manoeuvring Jets, +1 agility, extra degrees of movement


Jackal Recon Retro-fit "Good Boy"

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